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Yacht Charter in Jordan

Jordan is predominantly a landlocked country, apart from the very south, which borders the Gulf of Aqaba. This region is very popular with Jordanians, and is also starting to get a name for itself as a centre of excellence for snorkeling and diving. There are also plans a foot to extend the seafront in an ambitious development project called the Ayla Oasis, which will see the waterfront area increase by 17km.

Marinas in Jordan

There are currently two marinas in the Aqaba region, with plans for a third to be built within the Ayla Oasis:

Tala Bay Marina and Resort
Tel: +962 3 209 3333

The Royal Jordan Yacht Club
Tel: +962 3 201 29000

Weather in Jordan

The Gulf of Aqaba is ringed by high mountains, which means that the climate is particularly clement. Daytime temperatures rarely go below 20C throughout the year, while in the summer they often reach 35C. However, the sea breezes make the heat seem bearable.

Top Five Things to do in Jordan:

  1. Go diving off the coast and marvel at the marine life
  2. Visit Aqaba Castle, which dates back to the 13th century.
  3. Treat yourself to the full works at the Aqaba Turkish Baths.
  4. Go and play on the beach buggies at Barracuda Beach. Tel: +962 3 210 9891
  5. Watch a 40-minute film that stimulates a flying-carpet ride around Jordan. Tel: +962 3 202 2200

Top 5 Restaurants in Jordan

  1. Silk Road Restaurant is one of Aqaba’s finest restaurants. Tel: +962 3 203 3556
  2. Watch the sunset from The Royal Jordan Yacht Club over a cocktail. Tel: +962 3 202 2404
  3. Diners at the La Dorada Restaurant could be forgiven for thinking they were in France. Tel: +962 3 203 3137
  4. Al Baba Restaurant comes alive at night and is popular with locals. Tel: +962 3 201 3901
  5. For a coffee Jordanian style, try Al-Fardos Coffee Shop, in the town centre.
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