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Luxury Yacht Charter Malaysia

Yacht Charter in Malaysia

Sailing in Malaysia can be divided neatly into two segments: cruising around the collection of 90 islands dotted off the north-west coast of Malaysia, including the popular destinations of Penang and Langkawi; or gently pottering amongst the 17 islands off the south-east coast of the country. Guests will be spoilt for choice. Both areas boast unlimited access to tropical islands, clear blue waters and a wide range of excellent yachting amenities.

Luxury Yacht Charter Korea

Yacht Charter in Korea

Korea hosted its fourth annual boat show this year in the South Korean providence of Gyeongsangnam, testament to the country’s efforts to become recognized as an emerging destination in the yacht charter world. The country is also expanded its number of marinas to cope with a growing market. The number of tourists who visit South Korean are still few and far between, but what they discover is a country seeped in history, with stunning interior and beautiful coastline dotted with islands. Cruising is also popular up the Han River.

Luxury Yacht Charter Myanmar/Burma

Yacht Charter in Myanmar/Burma

It is still fairly difficult to enter the south-east Asian country of Myanmar as a tourist. An international boycott has been in placed for several years due to the harsh military regime. However, the southern islands of the Mergui Archipelago which lie off the Tennasserim coast are accessible to a very privileged number of yacht charters. The archipelago of more than 800 islands was strictly closed to foreigners until 1997, but several companies now offer charters in one of the last untouched paradises on earth. The islands themselves are densely forested while many are mountainous. The beaches are some of the most stunning in the world, with soft sand and emerald blue sea.

Luxury Yacht Charter Vietnam

Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Vietnam, with its long and beautiful coastline, white sandy beaches and wonderfully warm people is the perfect cruising ground. Yet it is still very much in its infancy, with marinas being planned for resorts up and down the country to open the area up to sailing tourism. When these facilities are put in place – with the first being mooted for next year – it will only be a matter of time before this country is at the top of the list as a super yacht charter destination. Weather: Vietnam’s weather is very diverse, depending on which part of the country you visit. There are two monsoons of which to be wary: one from the northeast between October and March and a second from April or May to October. The best months to travel to Vietnam are April, May or October in the north, and November to February in the south.

Luxury Yacht Charter Thailand

Yacht Charter in Thailand

The Asia-Pacific region is emerging as the next exciting superyacht destination, and promises to deliver everything – and more – for the very best in luxury super yacht charters. Thailand covers some of the most stunning sailing ground in the world. The region is scattered with collections of tropical islands dotted in the emerald blue waters off the mainland, their beaches white and deserted. There is also the rich cultural heritage of Thailand to consider and a yacht charter here will be a feast on all the senses.

Luxury Yacht Charter Taiwan

Yacht Charter in Taiwan

Following more than 60 years of strict restrictions imposed on coastal development in Taiwan, the Government is now actively trying to attract visitors to its shores. Facilities for super yachts are currently minimal, with less than 600 berths throughout the country, although there are plans for more marinas to be built to accommodate the yacht charter industry. The first European visitors to discover Taiwan were a group of Portuguese sailors – who named it Ilha Formosa – or beautiful island. And the Asian island doesn’t disappoint: lush mountains, a stunning coastline and some of the world’s best hot springs.

Luxury Yacht Charter Singapore

Yacht Charter in Singapore

The Asia-Pacific region encompasses some of the most sensational sailing grounds in the world. The region is characterized by small collections of tropical islands dotted in the emerald blue waters off mainland Asia, their beaches white and deserted, and their coves and caves just waiting to be explored. Singapore, which this year hosted its first yacht show in a brand new luxury marina in the centre of the city, is very much the hub of what is being dubbed the ‘third destination’ in sailing terms and great lengths are being taken to ensure the facilities here are first class.

Luxury Yacht Charter Philippines

Yacht Charter in the Philippines

The Philippines is the second-largest archipelago in the world, with more than 7,000 tropical islands strewn in the western Pacific just north of Malaysia. The region is one of the most stunning on earth, with coral-fringed islands dotted in the emerald blue sea. It is famous for its outstanding diving and snorkeling sites, and is become more and more popular as a sailing destination.

Luxury Yacht Charter Japan

Yacht Charter in Japan

Japan might literally be on the other side of the world and its very different culture may be daunting to some, but others have described the country as the best sailing secret in the world. Sailors who have made the journey to Japan under sail have been hugely impressed by the friendliness of the Japanese, the excellent facilities and fascinating landscapes. Japan is now actively trying to attract yacht charters and a number of marinas are currently being built.

Luxury Yacht Charter Indonesia

Yacht Charter in Indonesia

There are more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia, which makes it the largest archipelago in the World. And within this beautiful country which stretches the distance of the United States of America and Alaska, there is something for every taste: deserted tropical islands, stunning marine life, undiscovered coves and verdant green landscapes. Again, like much of Asia waters, the region is slowly opening up to yacht charter and the country is a gamut of riches just waiting to be explored.

Luxury Yacht Charter China

Yacht Charter in China and Hong Kong

Sailing in Hong Kong has always been a popular pastime, but now the sport seems to be catching on in a big way in mainland China. There are currently several major boat builders in situ in China, which now hosts two of Asia’s major yacht shows, in Hong Kong and Hainan. Most of the marinas are however still found on the former British colony of Hong Kong, and it’s fair to say that most charters use Hong Kong as their base. Hong Kong is surrounded by a number of islands and sailing amongst them is both fascinating and pleasurable. There are also some wonderful beaches to the north of the territory, and along the southern coast of China.

Luxury Yacht Charter Brunei

Yacht Charter in Brunei

Brunei is one of the smallest countries in the world, lodged in the northern point of Sarawak, on the island of Borneo, in Malaysia. Despite its size, it still enjoys 161km of breathtaking coastline. The country’s northern shores make up the southerly parts of the South China Sea, whilst Brunei also boasts the wonderful sailing territory of Brunei Bay. The conditions around this pearl of a nation – which is just south of the Philippines but no way near as well-known – lend themselves perfectly to yacht charter: warm waters, all-year sun and good winds.