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Yacht Charter in Stewart Island

Stewart Island is a large and extremely remote island that lies at the very bottom of New Zeland’s South Island. With 85 per cent of the island lying in a protect national park, the Rakiura National Park, it is home to some of the rarest fauna and flora on the planet – indeed some of the island’s plants are only found here. The unique land forms, particularly on the east coast, are almost ‘moonlike’ while on the west coast Mason Bay is home to one of New Zealand's largest areas of sand dunes. The coastline is littered with stunning sandy beaches, inlets, bays and wonderful harbours. The only inhabited corner of Stewart Island is the town of Oban.

Marinas in Stewart Island

There are currently no marinas on Stewart Island. The few yachts that sail here make use of the wonderful harbours and protected coves in which to anchor.

Weather in Stewart Island

The weather on and around Stewart Island can be rather unpredictable, although summer temperatures of around 25C are often higher than expect. The winter months, from June to September, are milder than those experienced on mainland New Zealand. 

Top Five Things to do in Stewart Island:

  1. Go diving in the Marine Reserve in Paterson Inlet, an area established in 2004 and covering 1075 hectares. It is home more than 50 species of fish.
  2. Take a boat to Ulva Island and try to spot some of the region’s rare birds such as the Stewart Island Robin.  You might also see a Kiwi in its own natural habitat.
  3. Learn about the first Maori settlements at the Rakiura Museum. Tel: +64 3 219 1221
  4. Play golf at the Ringa Ringa Golf Club. Tel: +64 3 219 1237
  5. Sail to Mason Bay to marvel at the island’s incredible sand dunes.

Top 5 Restaurants in Stewart Island:

  1. Church Hill Café bar and Restaurant is a welcome spot in Halfmoon Bay. Tel: + 64 3 219 1323
  2. Head to South Sea Hotel for incredible views. Tel: +64 3 219 1059
  3. Just Café is at Number 6, the Main Road. Tel: +64 3 219 1422
  4. Annette’s Perfect Dinner is a ‘moveable feast’, meaning she will prepare a delicious three course meal for you on your yacht, or anywhere else you may choose. Tel: +64 2 7 444 1802
  5. Kai Kart is practically a restaurant in a caravan, but the food is fresh and delicious. Tel: +64 3 219 1225

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