Luxury Yacht Charter Banderas Bay

Yacht Charter in Banderas Bay

Banderas Bay is situated on the Central Pacific Coast and is one of Mexico’s largest bays, measuring 20 miles across and boasting more than 60 miles of coastline. Banderas Bay, which is known also as Vallarta, is one of the deepest bays in the world with depths of more than 3,000 feet. Surrounded by mountains, the horse-shaped bay offers endless opportunities for yacht charters including safe anchorages, stunning white-sandy beaches and a diverse sea-life. The bay is a sanctuary to species such as giant manta rays, dolphins and Humpback whales who come annually between November and March to give birth to their young.

Luxury Yacht Charter Baja

Yacht Charter in Baja

The Baja Peninsula is a long and thin strip of land which stretches approximately 750 miles along the coast of Mexico, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Gulf of California, or Sea of Cortes, on the other. The region has always been popular with travelers keen to explore the mountain and desert-like scenery inland, and now its stunning coastline – dubbed the Mexican Riviera - is becoming increasingly popular with sailors wanting to discover quiet, unspoiled waters. There are three distinct yachting areas: in the north there is Ensenada, just an hour from the US border; at the southern tip of the peninsula is the vivacious Los Cabos region, whilst La Paz is surrounded by some spectacular islands.