Luxury Yacht Charter Cuba

Yacht Charter in Cuba

Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands, with more than 2,900 miles of beautiful coastline which has up until now remained pretty much off the yacht charter map. However, a great deal of investment has recently been pumped into the country’s yachting industry, and there are now a considerable number of excellent marinas equipped to cater for the yacht charter business. The island boasts endless white sandy beaches lapped by crystal clear waters which are perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Marinas in Cuba

There are a number of marinas with facilities for yacht charter in Cuba. They include:

Marina Hemingway
Tel: +53 7 209 7270

Marina Puertosol Tarara
Tel: +53 7 97 1462

Marina Cayo Largo
Tel : +53 45 48213

Marina Puertosol Cayo Coco-Guillermo
Tel : +53 33 30 1738

Marina Punta Gorda
Tel : +53 226 91446

Marina Internacional Puerto de Vita
Tel : +53 24 30 475

Marina Puertosol Trinidad
Tel : +53 419 6205

Weather in Cuba

The climate in Cuba is subtropical with November to April, the cooler dry season, being the most pleasant for yacht charter. Temperatures during this period hover around the 27C. The rest of the year is often humid, rainy and very hot. Best to be avoided is the hurricane season, which occurs between June and November.

Top Five Things to do in Cuba:

  1. Anchor off Varadero and walk along the long, deserted beaches.
  2. Seep up the history of Cub on your yacht charter by visiting the Museum of the Revolution in Havana.
  3. Roll your own cigar at the Partagas Cigar Factory. Tel: +53 7 862 0086
  4. Play an invigorating round of golf at Varadero Golf Club.
  5. Explore the Bellamar Caves, with its crystal sculptures, underground rivers and indigenous drawings.

Top 5 Restaurants in Cuba:

  1. Café del Oriente is arguably the most elegant restaurant in Havana. Tel: +53 7 860 6686
  2. For a truly memorable meal head to the Roof Garden Restaurant, in Havana. Tel: +53 7 860 8560
  3. La Guarida is a Havanan institution which should not be missed on your yacht charter. Tel: +53 7 862 9047
  4. La Campana de Toledo is a rustic restaurant serving sensational Cuban fare in Camaguey. Tel: +53 32 38 6812
  5. For an up-market meal in Santiago de Cuba try ZunZun. Tel: +53 22 64 1528

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