The Windward Islands

Luxury Yacht Charter Martinique

Yacht Charter in Martinique

Martinique is small slice of France situated thousands of miles away from the French mainland in the emerald blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Martinique, also known as ‘the island of flowers’, covers an area of more than 1,000 square kilometers, making it the largest of the Windward Islands chain. With beautiful white sandy beaches, secluded bays and an interior overflowing with tropical plants and flowers, Martinique makes the perfect yacht charter destination.

Luxury Yacht Charter St Lucia

Yacht Charter in St Lucia

St Lucia is a hugely popular yacht charter destination in the Caribbean, situated south of Martinique and north of St Vincent. Although measuring just 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, the island boasts all the facilities and amenities of a much large nation without any of the negative connotations. Renowned for its scenic beauty, world-class dive sites and deserted white beaches, St Lucia is the first choice for many keen charter clients.

Luxury Yacht Charter Grenada

Yacht Charter in Grenada

The country of Grenada, located between the islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines to the north and Trinidad to the south, actually comprises of three islands: Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. With is stunning beaches, emerald blue sea and great diving sites, the country is no stranger to sailing enthusiasts. However, considerable efforts have been made over the last decade to develop its infrastructure and it is now one of the primary yacht charter destinations in the region.

Luxury Yacht Charter Trinidad and Tobago

Yacht Charter in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are two islands situated in the Southern Caribbean just off the northern coast of South America. Trinidad is the larger of the two islands, and is the economic and industrial power. Meanwhile Tobago, known fondly as the Jewel of the Caribbean, is its touristic heart and hugely popular amongst yacht charter. Here you will find pristine white beaches, crystal clear water and sunshine almost every day.