Western Australia

Luxury Yacht Charter Perth

Yacht Charter in Perth

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, a wealthy and modern city in the middle of the western coastline. Sailing is particularly popular here, with many yacht clubs and sailing schools dotted along the shore. The region made history in 1983 when Australia stunned the world by winning the America’s Cup, thus ending a 132 year run of success by the New York yacht Club. Here, yacht charters can cruise along the banks of the Swan River, enjoying an excellent view of the superb city. Alternatively sail southwards to Fremantle, where optimum sailing conditions will make you feel like you’re in the America’s Cup. The region is characterized by pristine white beaches on which there is hardly a soul to be seen, as well as great expanses of azure blue oceans where dolphins play in the waves.

Luxury Yacht Charter Broome

Yacht Charter in Broome

Broome is an exotic and unspoiled area of Western Australia, approximately a two and a half hour flight north from the state’s capital of Perth. The coastline is spectacular, with practically virgin white sandy beaches which are lapped gently by crystal clear water. The area became famous for pearl diving more than a century ago when Japanese, Filipino and Malay pearl divers arrived in Broome in their droves. South Sea pearls are still amongst the most coveted in the world.