Luxury Yacht Charter Tasmania

Yacht Charter in Tasmania

Tasmania is the southern most state of Australia, an island the size of Scotland, or Hokkaido, in Japan. It lies just 250 kilometers south of the state of Victoria, and is the ideal place in which to charter as it is the perfect size. The coast, of which there are 5,400 kilometers, is stunning with a contrast of towering cliffs and white sandy beaches interspersed with charming fishing villages. There are approximately 334 islands surrounding Tasmania which are just waiting to be explored.

Luxury Yacht Charter Melbourne

Yacht Charter in Melbourne

The cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, on the south east coast of Australia, is the country’s leading sailing destination, with the stunning Port Phillip Bay at its heart. The bay is a wonderful venue for some of the best sailing in southern Australia, including Williamstown, Avalon and Beaumaris Bay. Melbourne also has on its doorstep the fascinating Phillip Island and its neighbor French Island, which are both wonderful cruising territories.

Luxury Yacht Charter Adelaide

Yacht Charter in Adelaide

The city of Adelaide, situated on the south coast of Australia, is a growing destination for yacht enthusiasts.  The waters surrounding Adelaide, the capital of the South Australia, offer endless opportunities for yacht charter, including abundant marine life, mile up miles of pristine beaches and some wonderful coastal towns to explore. Adelaide, known as the gateway to South Australia, is also becoming an increasingly common point of transit for yachts heading west from New South Wales and Tasmania to Western Australia, and vice versa.

Luxury Yacht Charter Perth

Yacht Charter in Perth

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, a wealthy and modern city in the middle of the western coastline. Sailing is particularly popular here, with many yacht clubs and sailing schools dotted along the shore. The region made history in 1983 when Australia stunned the world by winning the America’s Cup, thus ending a 132 year run of success by the New York yacht Club. Here, yacht charters can cruise along the banks of the Swan River, enjoying an excellent view of the superb city. Alternatively sail southwards to Fremantle, where optimum sailing conditions will make you feel like you’re in the America’s Cup. The region is characterized by pristine white beaches on which there is hardly a soul to be seen, as well as great expanses of azure blue oceans where dolphins play in the waves.

Luxury Yacht Charter Broome

Yacht Charter in Broome

Broome is an exotic and unspoiled area of Western Australia, approximately a two and a half hour flight north from the state’s capital of Perth. The coastline is spectacular, with practically virgin white sandy beaches which are lapped gently by crystal clear water. The area became famous for pearl diving more than a century ago when Japanese, Filipino and Malay pearl divers arrived in Broome in their droves. South Sea pearls are still amongst the most coveted in the world.

Luxury Yacht Charter Darwin

Yacht Charter in Darwin

The northern city of Darwin is one of the least well-known areas of Australia, arguably due to its distance from any other major attraction, but its coastline is stunning and there are plenty of excellent sailing opportunities. Darwin and the northern coast is also a good point from which to travel further north, to the islands of Indonesia, for example. Darwin itself boasts a beautiful natural harbour, and there are large swathes of stunning sandy beaches which stretch for mile upon mile in either direction.

Luxury Yacht Charter Cairns

Yacht Charter in Cairns

Cairns is a major seaside resort in the north of Queensland, and is known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Framed by spectacular rainforest mountain ranges and the emerald blue Coral Sea, it is a modern city which serves as an ideal base from which to explore the wondrous Great Barrier Reef, a World Heritage Site. North of Cairns are more than 26 kilometers of stunning beaches, known as the Northern Beaches of Cairns, as well as Green Island and Fitzroy Island, both tropical islands which are ideal stop-over points on any yacht charter of the region.

Luxury Yacht Charter The Whitsundays

Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays are a collection of 74 tropical islands in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, approximately 1120km north of Brisbane, and 630km south of Cairns. The majority of islands are deserted, providing optimum cruising potential with pristine white beaches, clear blue sea and fantastic snorkeling conditions. Only a handful of the islands are inhabited, with eight offering excellent first class facilities. The Whitsundays also includes the mainland resort of Airlie Beach, which is surrounded by beautiful coves and a stunning coastline, offering wonderful sailing opportunities.

Luxury Yacht Charter Brisbane

Yacht Charter in Brisbane

The coastal city of Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, in eastern Australia, and is situated on the northern shores of the Gold Coast, amongst miles upon miles of wide sandy beaches. It is the perfect sailing destination, and the base from which to explore both the Gold and Sunshine coasts, Moreton Bay and the Whitsundays. The climate in and around Brisbane is such that it is an all year sailing destination.

Luxury Yacht Charter Newcastle

Yacht Charter in Newcastle

Just up the coast from Sydney in the region of New South Wales is the town of Newcastle, a bustling port surrounded by miles upon miles of wonderful sandy beaches. Sailing is hugely popular amongst locals, with cruises of the Lake Macquarie particularly recommended. The area is often overlooked by charters heading up to the Gold Coast, but the area itself offers plenty of attractions.

Luxury Yacht Charter Sydney

Yacht Charter in Sydney

Sydney may not be the capital of Australia, but it is certainly its heart, especially when it comes to sailing. The coast is literally dotted with sailing clubs and marinas, and the skyline awash with colorful sails. The city, in the state of New South Wales, also boasts the largest natural harbor in the world, home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and the statuesque Sydney Harbour Bridge and a wonderful place in which to anchor just minutes from some of the city’s most exclusive shops and restaurants. Another note-worthy excursion under sail is a trip is Broken Bay, just north of Sydney where the Hawskbury River meets the ocean.