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Yacht Charter in Brazil

With more than 8,000 kilometers of stunning coastline scattered with scores of tropical islands, a wonderful all-year climate and a warm and colorful population, it would seem that Brazil boasted all the necessary qualities to make it a premier super yacht destination. But until now, the Latin American country - first discovered by Portuguese seafarers more than 500 years ago - has remained relatively closed to the international yachting community. However, leaders in the yacht charter industry believe this is all about to change. The Football World Cup is being held in Rio de Janeiro in 2014, and the government is making great strides to attract leaders in the yachting industry to its shores before then.

Marinas in Brazil

There are already a number of marinas in the country but the facilities are sub-standard at present.

Porto Marina Asturia CING
Tel: + 55 13 3354 3888

Marina da Gloria
Tel: +55 21 205 6716

Bahia Marina
Tel: +55 71 322 7244

Porto Marina Oceana
Tel: +55 41 423 1831

Marina Park – Fortelza
Tel: +55 85 4006 9595


Jacaré Yacht Village
Tel: +55 83 3248 3638

Weather in Brazil

Most of Brazil is an all-year destination, with a two season pattern: a rainy season in the winter months between April and August and a non-rainy season in the summer. Temperatures rarely dip below 25C or rise beyond 33C, even during winter, but the best time to visit is definitely during summer when the down pours are few and far between.

Top Five Things to do in Brazil:

  1. Surf in rip curling waves off Lopes Mendes, on Ilha Grande.
  2. Spend the day lounging on Dentista Beach, the perfect place to people watch.
  3. Wander around the delightful resort of Buzios, Brazil’s answer to Saint-Tropez.
  4. Play a round of golf at the stunning Buzios Golf Club. Tel: +55 22 2629 1240
  5. Go crazy at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Top 5 Restaurants in Brazil:

  1. For arguably the best cup of coffee in the world, go to Confeitaria Colombo, in Rio de Janeiro. Tel: +55 21 2525 1160
  2. D.O.M is one of Sao Paolo’s most exclusive restaurants with possibly the best wine list in the Southern Hemisphere.
  3. For an unforgettable meal head to the Hotel Cipriani Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Palace Hotel.
  4. Ilha Grande’s Recreio da Praia serves some of the best seafood around. Tel: +55 21 9987 3055
  5. For excellent Latin American food in Buzios try Buzin. Tel: + 55 22 2633 7051

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