The Best Caribbean Destinations for an Ideal Christmas Yacht Charter

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A Luxury Caribbean Yacht Charter Equals the Perfect Christmas Getaway

Bahamas Christmas yacht charter Nassau

Even when everywhere else seems dark, gloomy and cold, there’s one easy-to-reach spot on the globe where you’re virtually guaranteed to have a sunny and warm Christmas and New Year – the Caribbean. And, there’s literally no better way to enjoy all that this glorious corner of the planet has to offer than onboard your very own superyacht charter.

Exumas Christmas yacht charter


 Once you’ve settled on a Caribbean yacht charter as your perfect Christmas getaway and ideal haven from the winter blues, you’ll be spoiled for choice in deciding which part of this gorgeous region to visit onboard your lavish, floating home-away-from-home. Here are some of the best destinations to chart a course for on your superyacht.

The Exumas – A Treasure Trove of Adventure in the Bahamas


Celebrate the Christmas spirit on a Bahamas yacht charter through the legendary Exumas. Discover the delights of a chain of 365 islands, located to the southeast of the Bahamian capital of Nassau, about and hour’s flying time from the US mainland. The beauty of the Exumas once so beguiled even the hard hearts of fearsome pirates that they made it their home base. Follow in the watery footsteps of notorious buccaneers such as Blackbeard and Calico Jack Rackam, as you cruise from one deserted sandy beach to another through seas as clear as diamonds. Along the way, you’ll run across some truly amazing sights and perhaps establish a whole new festive tradition.

Dig your toes into warm, satiny sands on an unblemished beach that sweeps magnificently for seven untouched miles on Great Guana Cay. Kiteboard at dizzying speeds across the glass-flat surface of an incredibly aquamarine sea. Cruise past seaplanes at anchor, off of unspoiled cays. Marvel at the balletic antics of a troupe of wild pigs that swim out to meet your tender, their every graceful movement revealed in the crystalline water. Dine on a Christmas feast, prepared just the way you like it by your yacht’s personal chef, and served on your sundeck overlooking a sublime cove that, at least for this enchanted day, belongs to you alone.

Leeward Island Christmas yacht charter St Kitts

The Leeward Islands – A Gift for Everyone to Unwrap


 Escape completely from the ordinary this Christmas season, as you head out to uncover the laid-back charms and utter tranquillity that can be only fully experienced onboard a Leeward Islands yacht charter. A line of isles that dot the Caribbean Sea to the southeast of the Bahamas and the state of Florida, the allure of the Leewards rests in the serenity they promise and the priceless ability they give you to totally unplug from reality. Here, as you skim across the blue-green water at your own pace, stopping to swim, sunbathe and cavort at whatever island strikes your fancy, you’ll be able to completely relax, unwind and drink in Christmas cheer Caribbean style.

Snorkel or scuba dive on coral reefs overflowing with vivid marine life in Antigua. Or pick one of this isle’s famed beaches, and run along silky pink sands before splashing into the bathtub warm, crystal-clear sea.

Leeward Islands Christmas yacht charter snorkelling 750x600
Indulge your longing for a taste of Caribbean history and culture with a trip to St Kitts’ UNESCO-designated Brimstone Hill Fortress, with its authentic 17th- and 18th-century architecture, all nestled amidst a majestic green landscape. Or stroll the through the streets of capital, Basseterre, where you’ll step back in time to a storied colonial past.

No matter which of the idyllic Leeward Islands happens to capture your attention over the Christmas season – from Nevis to St Barths – you’ll be able to intimately get to know every secret bay and magical hidden inlet from the luxurious environs of your superyacht.

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