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Shipping a yacht has never been easier.

After you have gone on a luxury yacht charter to one of our fantastic destinations. You might consider buying a yacht of your own, in which case you will need reliable yacht transport.


As you can imagine, transporting a yacht off the water is a difficult thing to accomplish. With the aid of a professional boat hauler, it becomes an easy and affordable reality.

The purpose of a yacht transport company is to provide safe and reliable shipping solutions for boat lovers who have no means of hauling a boat themselves. Hiring a boat hauler will save the vessel from wear and tear and prevent the boat owner from paying for any other unnecessary costs on alternative and unreliable transport methods. If you just bought a yacht and need affordable, but professional transport, get in touch with a boat transport company to learn more. 

About Yacht Hauling Services

  • Shrink Wrapping- Your boat will be protected against moister and salt which can damage the interior and exterior of the boat.
  • Roll On Roll Off- This is an easy inexpensive method used to ship a boat. Your boat will be secured to a trailer then it will be wheeled on to the boat carrier. From that point, it will be delivered directly to its destination.
  • Overland Transport- This shipping solution is available for anyone who needs to transport a yacht to an inland location.
  • Interstate Yacht Shipping- Take advantage of coast to coast, long distance or cross country shipping. Yacht transport companies offer door to door delivery anywhere in the U.S.
  • International Yacht Transport- Shippers can have their yacht transported to ports around the globe with this shipping option.
  • Full Service Moving- Private owners, dealers, brokerages, and manufacturers can take advantage of watercraft transport by a professional boat hauling company. They can transport anything from powerboats, sailboats and yachts, but any shipping request can be met.


How to Prepare Your Yacht for Transport

If you are new to boat transport, there are a few things you will need to take care before handing off your yacht to a professional boat hauling company such as the guys over at By doing a few simple tasks, you can ensure that your boat and the other cargo on the carrier will be safe. Boat hauling professionals recommend that you complete this standard checklist:

  • Drain the fuel and disable all of the electronic components. If your yacht has an alarm installed, disable that as well.
  • Make sure that antennas, electronics, propellers, anchors, flag masts, and personal items are stored in secured compartments or removed from the vessel.
  • Lock windows, doors and hatches before the ship date.
  • Accurately measure your yacht.

Measuring Your Yacht before the Ship Date

Getting the proper measurements of your yacht is essential in order to receive an accurate quote from the boat hauling company. When measuring your yacht, you will need the length, height and width of the vessel. This is done so that the company can prepare the proper carrier for your yacht.

To receive a quote and find out more about what goes into calculating a cost for yacht transport, call around to nearby locations or stop in. An agent will be more than happy to answer any question or concerns about the services they offer. Check out at least three companies before hiring just anyone for the job. This way, you can be sure that you are getting the best deal and most reputable company. When transporting a yacht it is never a good idea to settle for the cheapest company. Be sure to read online reviews and check that the business has a good rating on the Better Business Bureau.


Information about Zebra Mussels

o avoid a hefty fine, make sure you check your vessel thoroughly for zebra mussels. This invasive species is known for wreaking havoc on the ecosystem and causes problems for commercial pipelines when they cluster. If you take your boat on any of the Great Lakes, be sure to check your vessel for these mussels.

Document the Condition of Your Yacht

After you prepare your yacht for transport, make sure that you wash the yacht and take pictures of it. Include even the most minor damages in the pictures you take and give copies of your findings to the transport company. You can add to the inspection report sheet at any time before the boat is loaded on to the carrier and signed off on.

It is a rare occurrence, but in some cases, damages do happen during transport. To avoid any unfortunate circumstances, standard operating procedures must be followed. Be on your guard of phony or inexperienced boat hauling companies. Veteran boat hauling services can be bought for a low rate and utilize the most advanced shipping technology on the market.

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