4 Marine Secrets That Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

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Learn about the Marine World

Today, people know more about space than water. The moon landing is no longer a surprise to anyone – astronauts travel there like to their homes. And Elon Musk promised humanity affordable accommodation on Mars. At the same time, the bottom of the world ocean remains an exciting and unknown topic. People are drawn to the unknown, leading to an immense number of books and movies.

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The mysteries that the sea holds in its abysses are unlikely to be ever fully solved by humanity. Throughout its history, humanity has managed to explore only 5 percent of the sea depths. So it is not surprising that unseen-before amazing creatures and sunken ancient cities hide in the dark caves. In this article, we have gathered for you the most amazing and still unsolved mysteries of the sea.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop - Unsplash

A City Lost Underwater

Archaeologists have recently discovered the remains of an ancient city not far from the coast of India. Well, what's so amazing about it, you may ask. The fact that experts estimate the age of those urban buildings to be around 9500 - 10000 years, which means that our civilization is much older than it is considered.

Can you imagine how much fascinating knowledge these underwater ruins can tell us? The problem is that even on land, people ignore and destroy everything that does not fit into conventional history. Why would we need underwater artifacts and even entire cities? Therefore, orthodox science is not only in no hurry to explore the remains of ancient settlements, but also in every way prevents its study.

Voice of Depth

In 1997 hydrophones of NOAA (National Oceanic Research Administration of the USA) registered a sound called Bloop. Explorers of the sea have never heard such a loud and unusual "voice of the depths." It turns out that in nature (in their opinion) there are no sea animals capable of screaming so strongly. Or do they still exist?

This question is of great concern to independent researchers, who are quite aware that the ocean depths are inhabited by unknown animals, perhaps even by sentient ones.

How do these animals manage to stay out of people's sight?

Firstly, the ocean is several times greater than the land, not to mention its depth, which makes this world enormous. Secondly, according to some researchers, the world ocean is connected to the planet's deep underground water reservoirs, which can be many times larger than the inhabited land. In this case, the waters can hide every conceivable and unimaginable forms of life. There is reason to believe that we have explored outer space much better than the ocean's depths.

Unidentified Object at the Bottom of the Sea

A strange and very mysterious construction was once discovered at the bottom of the Baltic Sea by a team of Swedish divers. Later, the Ocean X Team even managed to capture the object on a video, to take at least some measurements. However, the experienced specialists were still unable to establish what the discovery was. The construction was reminiscent of either a shipwreck of aliens or some ancient altar. Moreover, any equipment failed next to it, even a flashlight.

Analysis of samples of the material used to construct the object showed that it has an extraterrestrial origin. Swedish divers are planning to return to their unique find and, at the same time, wonder why nobody is interested in it except them?

Red Tides

This sounds beautiful and creepy at the same time, but these tides are dangerous. A special kind of algae causes the water to be red. The degree of the threat depends on the concentration of these algae: the point is that during blooming, they produce a particular toxin that can destroy fish, plants, and other living organisms, thus, affecting the balance of the ecosystem.

For humans, as well, this toxin can be dangerous: depending on its quantity in the water, itching and more severe allergies can arise. There have been cases where the vapor of this kind of algae has penetrated the air.

Final Thoughts

The ocean has always attracted people, even though it is not their natural environment. However, particular mysteries of water have no explanation. How many times ships, boats, planes disappeared in the ocean. Fatal whirlpools, huge waves appearing, as well as great glowing circles on the water cannot be explained by science. Some unexplained events appear only in specific areas. They entice people despite the enormous danger.

Romanticists call the sea a world of mysteries and wonders, and our selection today proves it. There is no better name for the blue abyss!


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