Beyond the Boat Race: What to do on a St. Bart’s yacht charter

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5 things to do on a St. Bart’s yacht charter

With the famous St Bart’s regatta—Les Voiles de St. Barth—just around the corner, competitive sailors will be getting ready for five days of racing and post-race relaxation. Each spring, this Caribbean event attracts not just crew and their guests but sailing enthusiasts on St. Bart’s yacht charters looking to join the festivities and take advantage of the island’s dining scene, chic shopping and dreamy beaches.

When you charter a yacht in St. Bart’s you’ll experience glamourous French luxury combined with Caribbean cool; haute couture and stars on superyachts to the backdrop of reggae vibes and rum cocktails. Once the excitement of the regatta is over, here are a few things you might like to do on your St. Bart’s yacht charter.

Bathe at all the best beaches

Visitors to this tropical island have the choice of 16 sensational beaches, each with its own character. Serious sun-worshippers will love Saline Beach – no shade, no bars, just crystal-clear blue waters and sand as powdery as icing sugar. Another top spot is Colombier; a secluded paradise ideal for a St. Bart’s yacht charter since it’s only
accessible by boat. Whereas those that prefer a more buzzing beach scene should head to Shell Beach for its Sunday all-day beach party or Eden Rock and Nikki Beach – the places to see and be seen. Once a week, Nikki Beach hosts a glamourous table-dancing day party where it’s not unusual to spot an A-list celebrity.

Shop ‘til you drop in Gustavia

St. Bart’s is by far the Caribbean’s best shopping destination, and a St. Bart’s yacht charter will have plenty of opportunity for retail therapy. Gustavia, St. Bart’s capital, came alive in the 60s and 70s when wealthy vacationers and Hollywood celebrities began rocking up to port in superyachts. It’s here that you’ll find all the luxury brands such as Hermès and Cartier as well as local designers that have made big names for themselves with the rich and famous. Elsewhere on the island, expect to see all sorts of goodies from beachwear to home wear to unique jewellery.



Put on your best eveningwear

If you love a sophisticated party scene then a St. Bart’s yacht charter is the vacation for you. After sunset, the swankiest hot spots come alive with one of the most reputable restaurants being Bonito Saint Barth - Latin-French cuisine with a South Beach vibe. The most romantic address is by far Eden Rock’s On the Rocks, perched on St. Jean Bay with the most magnificent views. Those wanting to party into the early hours should head to Le Ti St-Barth, where you’re led through a secret door, dressed up with flamboyant accessories and invited onto a strobe-lit dance floor. Other options for a late nightery are Bagatelle of New York fame, and Modjo St Barts, a late-night club with a lounge vibe.

Discover St. Bart’s underwater world

In the 90’s, St. Bart’s created the Natural Reserve of St. Barthelemy, with five sanctuary zones that protect the underwater ecosystems. With 22 incredible dive sites, visitors are welcome to explore the colourful shallow reefs and the many tropical and rare species. Dive below the upside-down wreck of the Nonstop, a yacht that sunk during Hurricane Hugo in 1989. On your St. Bart’s yacht charter you’re sure to have a choice of diving and fishing equipment not to mention exhilarating water toys like jet skis, seabobs and fly-boards. Your yacht’s captain will know the most idyllic anchorages to make the most of all the island has to offer.

How to Enjoy the Best of the Austrian Boat Show 2020

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How to Enjoy the Best of the Austrian Boat Show 2020

Austrian-boat-show-2020 hall 1024x596

Everything from luxury sailing to sport diving, nautical innovations and water sports will be highlighted at the Austrian Boat Show 2020 in Tulln, running 5th-8th March.

This trend boat show in Tulln is billed by organisers as the biggest and most comprehensive boat show in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. With nearly 400 exhibitors from around the globe, the Austrian Boat Show 2020 promises to be an outstanding opportunity to browse the best in luxury sailing and motor yachts, as well as equipment and accessories. Water sports enthusiasts and divers will also find everything needed to enhance their experience, and a plethora of tourism information will be available on the top marinas and destinations worldwide for every kind of trip or adventure.

Here’s what you need to know about the Austrian Boat Show 2020

Q. When and where is the Austrian Boat Show 2020?

A. The Austrian boat show is from 5th till 8th March, from 10:00 to 1800, in Tulln. This historic town on the Danube is about 65 kilometres from Vienna International Airport and is easily accessible by train, car, or taxi.

Q. What is the Tulln boat show?

A. Hailed as the most comprehensive boat show and water sports trade fair on the continent, it draws some 50,000 visitors annually. In addition to a range of exhibitions, from sailboats, motor boats, racing boats, cruisers, and catamarans to electric boats, fishing boats, sporting kayaks, and canoes, the Austrian Boat Show 2020 offers numerous presentations, talks, and “infotainment” sessions.

Q. What are some highlights of the show?

A. Sailing yachts will be featured, along with sailboats, dinghies, and trimarans. Diving will also be highlighted, with exhibitions of diving equipment and information about underwater photography and premier diving territories. Water sports will be represented with stand-up paddleboards, wakeboards, water skis, and windsurfing.

Q. What’s new this year?

A. This year, space at the trend boat show in Tulln has expanded to include a new 6,500-square-metre exhibition hall, a 500-seat restaurant, conference rooms, checkrooms, covered walkways between halls, and restroom facilities accessible to disabled people.

Austrian boat show 2020 accessories 1024x682

Q. What is the best way to navigate the expansive show?

A. Organisers have made it easy to find the sectors you are looking for at the trend boat show by setting up competence centres and theme halls.

Top of the list is Hall 3, the new motor boat centre, featuring 15 types of boats; Halls 4 and 5 highlight sailing boats for beginners to professionals; Hall 6 is dedicated to stand-up paddle-boarding, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and equipment; Hall 8 focuses on the needs of divers; and Hall 10 shines a spotlight on sailing yachts, with berths for vessels over 50 feet.

Austrian boat show 2020 conferences 1024x682

Q. How do I get tickets?

A. Tickets are available online at the Austrian Boat Show 2020 website. Some boating businesses, such as yacht share company SmartYacht, will also provide you with a free ticket in return for booking an appointment with them.

Enjoy the show, and smooth sailing!

4 Marine Secrets That Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

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Learn about the Marine World

Today, people know more about space than water. The moon landing is no longer a surprise to anyone – astronauts travel there like to their homes. And Elon Musk promised humanity affordable accommodation on Mars. At the same time, the bottom of the world ocean remains an exciting and unknown topic. People are drawn to the unknown, leading to an immense number of books and movies.

Writing reviews is required not only from competent professionals to give a reasoned and objective opinion on scientific works but also from critics to evaluate various works of art. But how to do this properly? How to write a movie review on a professional and quality level? If you need help in writing a work, we recommend asking the advice of professionals.

The mysteries that the sea holds in its abysses are unlikely to be ever fully solved by humanity. Throughout its history, humanity has managed to explore only 5 percent of the sea depths. So it is not surprising that unseen-before amazing creatures and sunken ancient cities hide in the dark caves. In this article, we have gathered for you the most amazing and still unsolved mysteries of the sea.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop - Unsplash

A City Lost Underwater

Archaeologists have recently discovered the remains of an ancient city not far from the coast of India. Well, what's so amazing about it, you may ask. The fact that experts estimate the age of those urban buildings to be around 9500 - 10000 years, which means that our civilization is much older than it is considered.

Can you imagine how much fascinating knowledge these underwater ruins can tell us? The problem is that even on land, people ignore and destroy everything that does not fit into conventional history. Why would we need underwater artifacts and even entire cities? Therefore, orthodox science is not only in no hurry to explore the remains of ancient settlements, but also in every way prevents its study.

Voice of Depth

In 1997 hydrophones of NOAA (National Oceanic Research Administration of the USA) registered a sound called Bloop. Explorers of the sea have never heard such a loud and unusual "voice of the depths." It turns out that in nature (in their opinion) there are no sea animals capable of screaming so strongly. Or do they still exist?

This question is of great concern to independent researchers, who are quite aware that the ocean depths are inhabited by unknown animals, perhaps even by sentient ones.

How do these animals manage to stay out of people's sight?

Firstly, the ocean is several times greater than the land, not to mention its depth, which makes this world enormous. Secondly, according to some researchers, the world ocean is connected to the planet's deep underground water reservoirs, which can be many times larger than the inhabited land. In this case, the waters can hide every conceivable and unimaginable forms of life. There is reason to believe that we have explored outer space much better than the ocean's depths.

Unidentified Object at the Bottom of the Sea

A strange and very mysterious construction was once discovered at the bottom of the Baltic Sea by a team of Swedish divers. Later, the Ocean X Team even managed to capture the object on a video, to take at least some measurements. However, the experienced specialists were still unable to establish what the discovery was. The construction was reminiscent of either a shipwreck of aliens or some ancient altar. Moreover, any equipment failed next to it, even a flashlight.

Analysis of samples of the material used to construct the object showed that it has an extraterrestrial origin. Swedish divers are planning to return to their unique find and, at the same time, wonder why nobody is interested in it except them?

Red Tides

This sounds beautiful and creepy at the same time, but these tides are dangerous. A special kind of algae causes the water to be red. The degree of the threat depends on the concentration of these algae: the point is that during blooming, they produce a particular toxin that can destroy fish, plants, and other living organisms, thus, affecting the balance of the ecosystem.

For humans, as well, this toxin can be dangerous: depending on its quantity in the water, itching and more severe allergies can arise. There have been cases where the vapor of this kind of algae has penetrated the air.

Final Thoughts

The ocean has always attracted people, even though it is not their natural environment. However, particular mysteries of water have no explanation. How many times ships, boats, planes disappeared in the ocean. Fatal whirlpools, huge waves appearing, as well as great glowing circles on the water cannot be explained by science. Some unexplained events appear only in specific areas. They entice people despite the enormous danger.

Romanticists call the sea a world of mysteries and wonders, and our selection today proves it. There is no better name for the blue abyss!


Discover The Exquisite Saronics - Greece Never Looked So Good

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Discover the exquisite Saronics, Greece by yacht


Just when you thought Greece couldn't get any more idyllic, we bring you a deal from fractional yacht agency SmartYacht that makes it even sweeter; this Autumn, you could explore the Saronics in Greece on a weeklong all-inclusive yacht charter from just €1,990.

The dreamy, historic Saronic Islands, an easy and enjoyable cruise from mainland Athens, still deliver warm temperatures throughout October, with highs of 22°C and only 6 days of predicted rainfall throughout the entire month. And there is no better way to explore these islands than by yacht, offering the opportunity to drop anchor wherever you please and discover the most hidden and exclusive spots. A Greece yacht charter could be your dream autumn adventure - read on to see what lies in store…

Discover the Saronic (Greece) Islands day by day

Day 1: Piraeus - Aegina - Poros overnight

Cruise from Piraeus to Aegina, a stunning historic island just two hours from the mainland. Be awestruck at the Doric temple of Aphaia, dating all the way back to 500 BC yet still standing proudly today. Wander through the charming town of Paleachora, explore the archaeological site of Kolona Hill, a former acropolis, and don't forget to kick back and relax on one of the many exquisite beaches - we particularly recommend Marathon.

Saronic-Greece-Aphia temple Aegina DAY1

Day 2: Poros - Spetses overnight

Stroll through the enchanting lemon grove on Aliki beach before we set off for our next destination - the peaceful seaside town of Ermioni. This is where Athenians come for their vacations, offering an idyllic break from the hustle and bustle of city life. We’ll also cruise to the arty and relaxed island of Agios Nikolaos, where sandy coves and gin-clear waters invite you to dive right in. Saronic Islands sailing is very popular, and you will love watching these yachts sail dreamily past you on the horizon.

Saronic Greece Spetses Day2

Day 3: Spetses - Nafplion overnight

Our yacht charter takes us to Peloponnese to explore the little town of Nafplion, thought to be one of the most stunning in the Saronics and Greece. You can feel the livelihood and Greek culture pulsating through the streets, and with so many waterfront cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Gaze out at the impressive Bourtzi Castle as you enjoy a glass of local wine and delicious spanakopita or gyros.

Saronic Greece Nafplion Day3

Day 4: Nafplion - Porto Heli overnight

If your dream holiday destination is luxury unbounded then Porto Heli is the place for you - the preferred Greek vacation spot of the ultra-rich. Sample some truly exquisite seafood here and treat yourself to the finest wines and cocktails. This is another great spot for watching the Saronic Island sailing yachts cruise by.

Saronic Greece Porto Heli Day4

Day 5: Porto Heli - Hydra overnight

Hydra is seen as the real gem of the Saronic Islands, with cars replaced by horse and carriage and elegant stone mansions adorning the hillside. This gives the island an ancient feel, casting away the stresses of modern-day life as soon as your toes hit the sand.

Saronic Greece Hydra Day5

Day 6: Hydra - Porto Heli - Aegina - Piraeus

We make our way back to Piraeus, but with one night left to explore lively Athens and its wild nightlife scene, the holiday is not over yet. Get ready to make even more memories at the final stop of our Greek Saronic Island adventure.

Saronic Greece Piraeus Athens Day6

Explore the Saronic Islands on classic superyacht Amanda

M/Y Amanda is a 24m superyacht, accommodating 12 guests in five beautiful cabins, and offering a classic yachting aesthetic which harks back to its 1956 heritage. Refitted just last year, she has all the state-of-the-art technology a modern traveller could dream of. Plus, with four crew - including your very own onboard chef - you’ll be living the life of luxury from the minute our journey begins.

You can take advantage of this Saronic (Greece) Islands adventure over one of two weeks - either from October 14th to the 20th 2019 or from October 28th to November 4th 2019. Beginning and ending at port Piraeus, Athens, this all-inclusive package comprises fuel, port fees, full board and drinks including soft drinks, wine and beer. Book a double cabin for two people for €1,990 per person, or a double cabin for one for €2,990.

Ready to book yourself a spot on this incredible Saronics escape? Get in touch with the team today.

Saronic Greece Exterior Amanda Yacht

A Simple Guide to Weekend Yacht Charter on the French Riviera

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Enjoy a weekend yacht charter while renting a villa on the French Riviera

cap villas luxury villa rental french riviera header

If merely gazing at the sparkling Mediterranean Sea from the terrace of your luxury villa rental on the French Riviera is not quite good enough, why not hire a weekend yacht charter and discover the true Côte d’Azur?

One of the first sights to greet you as you drive along the coastal road to your luxury property on the Côte d’Azur is the sheer number of superyachts anchored in the shallow waters offshore.

The French Riviera is one of the most sought-after destinations for luxury yacht charters, with many of the world’s largest superyachts being based in the Mediterranean over the summer months.

Clients come from all over the world to explore the wonderful bays and delightful ports dotted along the French Riviera on fully-crewed luxury yachts, stopping at glamourous destinations such as Saint Tropez, Cannes, Antibes and Monaco. Other popular destinations for those on luxury yacht charter departing from the South of France include Corsica, Sardinia and the Italian Riviera.

However, many of the luxury yachts are also available for shorter weekend charters for clients who are perhaps staying in luxury villa rentals on the French Riviera but who would like to discover the coast by boat.

The Best Caribbean Destinations for an Ideal Christmas Yacht Charter

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A Luxury Caribbean Yacht Charter Equals the Perfect Christmas Getaway

Bahamas Christmas yacht charter Nassau

Even when everywhere else seems dark, gloomy and cold, there’s one easy-to-reach spot on the globe where you’re virtually guaranteed to have a sunny and warm Christmas and New Year – the Caribbean. And, there’s literally no better way to enjoy all that this glorious corner of the planet has to offer than onboard your very own superyacht charter.

14 Things to do with Children on a French Riviera Yacht Charter

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14 Things to do with Children on a French Riviera Yacht Charter

On your next French Riviera Yacht Charter, take the children with you as we have selected 14 activities to enjoy with them.

Antisan Yacht Aerial Toys














Explore the Norwegian Fjords by Yacht in 2017

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Explore the Norwegian Fjords by Yacht in 2017

Fjord lands Norwasy

Norway Yacht Charter in 2017

In the summer of 2017, take your yacht charter on the route less travelled. Discover breathtaking landscapes under the midnight sun and explore the Norwegian Fjords.

In the ancient Fjordlands of Norway, snow-capped mountains rise 1,700m above deep Fjords of perfect blue, and killer whales breach and hunt in crystal clear waters. On a Norway yacht charter you can kayak down snow melt rivers that are edged by deep green forest; you can admire eagles as they soar above your yacht; and you can relax in stunning luxury spas with endless views of mountains and sea.

Loen Sky lift

Action, Adventure and Nature Unite

Bask in the warm summer sunshine as you cycle through valleys of wildflowers, go summer skiing, or hiking on an ancient glacier. Snorkel Lake Lyngstoyl, where drowned farm buildings and roads are still visible in the clear waters; experience the epic scenery on the Flam railway; or take the brand new Loen skylift 1,000 metres above the Fjords.

Adventure sports lovers will be in their element on a yacht charter in the Norwegian Fjordlands, where white water rafting, canyoning, mountain-biking, rock climbing and bungee jumping are just a few of the adrenaline sports on offer. You can even tandem skydive from a helicopter, giving you some of the best views on earth at spectacular speed. Of course, if you would prefer to stay firmly inside the helicopter, there are plenty of helicopter tours that offer a birds-eye view of this staggering landscape of rugged peaks and gentle green valleys.

lake Lyngstoyl Norway

Cruising Through Paradise

When your adrenaline-inducing excursions are finished, you can return to your yacht to relax in ultimate comfort: take a dip in the Jacuzzi under the midnight sun, while cruising up a Fjord that was carved by vast rivers of ice 2.5 million years ago. From the water level, you’ll marvel at the waterfalls that cascade from the cliffs to shower your yacht in fine cool mist, and the abandoned farmhouses that still cling to steep hillsides – so steep that farmers used to tie their children to trees so they didn’t fall off. You’ll see seals lying about on the wooden piers of white-painted villages, and harbour porpoises swimming alongside your yacht. Keen fishermen will be in their element in the Norwegian Fjords, with world-class halibut and giant cod to be found along the Atlantic Road.

Bergen Norway

The Route Less-Travelled

The crowded anchorages of the Mediterranean feel very far away while on charter in the Norwegian Fjords. Nevertheless, cruising grounds do not only comprise rural, idyllic wilderness in Norway; this becomes apparent as you dock in Alesund - a picturesque island city that was re-built in Art Nouveau style after a town fire in 1904. Fine-dine at Restaurant Maki, one of Norway’s fines t seafood establishments. The Dark-Ages town of Bergen is also a great city stop on your Norway yacht charter, with its narrow medieval alleyways and bright-painted buildings that cluster around the port.

For all the modern art galleries and glamorous hotels that you’ll find in the Fjordlands, it’s still all too easy to imagine the days of the Vikings here, and to half-believe the ancient legends of trolls as you climb Troll Wall or stand on the very edge of Troll’s Tongue – a stunning ledge of rock with panoramic views. With a labyrinth of islands and Fjords to explore, the only way to do this natural wonderland justice is by luxury superyacht

Alesund Norway

Boot Dusseldorf 2017: The World’s Biggest Maritime Trade Fair Returns

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Boot Dusseldorf 2017: The World’s Biggest Maritime Trade Fair Returns







Attend Boot Dusseldorf in January 2017. It’s the biggest and best maritime trade fair in the world with a huge selection of yachts and interactive events.

Cannes Boat Show – Luxury Yachting Festival on the French Riviera

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Cannes Boat Show – Luxury Yachting Festival on the French Riviera


On the 9th of September 2014, the Cannes Yachting Festival welcomed hundreds of superyacht brokers, charter agencies, suppliers, potential buyers and enthusiasts to their annual Cannes Boat Show.


Yacht of the Week - Chimera

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Beautiful Sunseeker 35 metre Luxury Yacht

Yacht of the Week - Chimera

AquaCruise is pleased to announce the luxury, 35 meter Sunseeker M/Y CHIMERA is now available for yacht charter in the Mediterranean for the summer 2014 season.

One of the vessel's most exciting features is its generous outdoor space and the yacht is perfectly equipped for all your entertaining requirements.


How to Charter a Yacht: A Complete Guide

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How to Charter a Yacht: A Complete Guide

There are many things to consider when looking for your dream holiday aboard a luxury yacht charter, and there is a lot of preparation needed to make sure your sailing holiday runs as smoothly as possible. Charter Experts Navis Yacht Charter has unveiled a few tips on how to get your luxury holiday right this year. 

Top 5 Romantic Destinations in Turkey

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Top 5 Romantic Destinations in Turkey

Turkey is the greatest destination that any couple looking forward to having a romantic tour should visit. This country provides a paradise with a romantic ambience spread far and wide within its borders. This is the perfect nation to say  'I do' to your partner or to treat them to a special honeymoon. The clear blue skies that stretch across the horizon for the best part of the day, the soothing winds and the moderate temperatures will make your tour unforgettable. Here are some of the most romantic destinations in Turkey:

Eastern Mediterranean Sailing

on Thursday, 27 March 2014. Posted in Locations

The Eastern Mediterranean has become increasingly popular over the past 10 years.

Eastern Mediterranean Sailing

The Western Mediterranean has traditionally been favoured as the place to visit on a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean, with St Tropez, Monaco and Italy among the most famous places in the world to sail. However, recently, there has been a push to improve facilities in the Eastern Mediterranean which will be music to the ears of those who want to discover the Greek islands, Montenegro and Croatia.

Top Reasons to Charter a Catamaran

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There is a multitude of reasons to charter a catamaran, discover a few of them with this article

Top Reasons to Charter a Catamaran

The multihull has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years among those seeking yacht charters, and there are several possible reasons for this upturn in fortunes. The multihull, or as it is more commonly known, the catamaran, is the ideal vessel to cruise the seas this year.

[12  >>